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Comprehensive speech-language evaluations are done to determine if there is a speech and/or language impairment or deficit and if therapy is appropriate at this time.  Evaluations may include interviews, questionnaires, observations, checklists, language samples, and standardized assessments.  Areas of assessment can include articulation/phonology, receptive and expressive language, fluency, and pragmatic language.  A meeting will be scheduled to explain the results of the assessment.  A report will also be given outlining areas of strength and weakness. 

This graphic shows when speech sounds are typically developed.

McLeod, S. & Crowe, K. (2018).  Children's consonant acquisition in 27 languages: A cross-linguistic review.  American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology.  doi: 10.1044/2018_AJSLP-17-0100.

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